All right, not every man likes to work with his hands but regardless how often or not you feel like doing actual work, these ‘manly’ or ‘cool’ tools should be on your must have list.

  • Measure TapeA measuring Tape 

Every great project has started with a measuring tape, in some form or the other.





  • The modest screw driverThe modest screw driver

Can you imagine life without a screw driver? Goes without saying you would need them in different types and sizes




  • The Indestructible HammerThe Indestructible Hammer

From building roads, to making houses and right down to repairing your kids need a hammer. Period.




  • Adjustable WrenchAdjustable Wrench

Words can’t describe the number of ways and places this ingenious piece of equipment can be used. Suffice to say, you NEED it.




  • Open End WrenchOpen End Wrench

One of the most simplest tool after the screw driver. Works magic when put to proper use. Comes in different sizes, so you will need to get the box.




  • PliersPliers

Your fingers were not designed to hold tiny objects. If it needs pulling, twisting, precision cutting etc, you need pliers. This includes nose pliers, grip pliers,etc.




  • Socket WrenchSocket Wrench

When was the last time you worked with a socket wrench? If you just answered never…well go get a life. There is no better sound then the clicking noise of every turn when working with a socket wrench. You working with that tool in your hand redefines being macho.



  • Utility BladeUtility Blade

You need to cut something? Sooner or later you would.





  • Allen KeyAllen Key

There are some equipments that only work with an Allen Key. Very practical when face to face with a machine that only accepts an Allen Key




  • Pipe WrenchPipe Wrench

Buy it because it is just so cool.

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