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Are you struggling to keep a pool well-maintained? Do you want to clean it, but don’t have adequate cleaning knowledge? Well! Now, you can get rid of all the troubles associated with green pools by just following these essential cleaning tips. 

And, before you dive into the cleaning process, it is necessary to be aware of the reasons which are making the pool green day-by-day. Basically, in most of the cases, a green pool indicates that there is an excessive buildup of algae, which is responsible for changing the colour of the water deliberately. 

But, there are other causes behind such occurrences. So, before getting started, on cleaning the pool, it is important to know all the possible causes of a green pool. Furthermore, if you think cleaning the pool all by yourself can be a hectic task, then consider cleaning services from professionals.

Reasons Behind a Green Pool

A green pool can be dangerous and even unsafe to swim in. So, whenever you notice the pool is changing its colour into green, try to avoid swimming before availing a proper cleaning service. 

Pathogens can massively grow in the swimming pool areas if it is not maintained for a prolonged time. So, often taking professional assistance is a wise choice to keep the swimming pool immaculate. You can easily pick your desired cleaning services. 

Now, here are a few probable causes that can lead to a green swimming pool:

High PH level

An improper PH level can damage the pool water. Additionally, this causes severe health diseases including skin and eye irritation and other issues So, it becomes crucial to maintain the ph level of the pool. A high level of PH causes water discoloration.

Clogged filter

Once the swimming filter gets clogged with the dirt, dust and grimes, it won’t be able to keep the swimming pool clean. And, as a result, the algae, bacteria, and debris will grow which will ultimately discolor the water. 

Weather Changing

Algaes are more prone to warm and humid surroundings. So, you have to be extra careful when the seasons are changing. Additionally, schedule an appointment with the cleaning specialists, during this time, to keep the pool safe and maintained.

6 professional Guide to Clean a Green Pool

It does not require much time to clean a green swimming pool. And, if it is not cleaned, it will become greener over time. So, here are some essential cleaning tips that will help you to get rid of a contaminated pool in a short period of time. 

 1.Vacuum the Algae and Debris

The first step to make the pool clean is by eliminating all the dirt and grime from the pool. And, for that, you have to vacuum the pool properly using preventive measures. Because it might be risky at times. Change the valve of the vacuum to “Waste” and then remove the algae and other harmful pathogens from the bottom areas of the pool.

  2.Regular Pooling is Necessary 

Apart from vacuuming the pool areas, brushing is also required to keep the algae away. Because, it is easy to identify the algae, but it is hard to remove. And, for that, you will need the help of a heavy-brush to clean the inaccessible surfaces. A cleaning services once a month can help to maintain the quality of the water.

 3.Check the PH level

Make sure, the PH level of the swimming pool is balanced. And, to check that use the test strips or a liquid test kit. Additionally, you can check the chlorine level using these kits. if the PH level is low, then you must be sure that algae won’t get accumulated in such water. 

 4.Remove the Algae using a Shock 

In a green swimming pool, eliminating the algae completely is needed. And, for that, use a shock that acquired at least 70 % of chlorine. Additionally, you have to use this procedure at least two times to keep the pool algae-free. 

  5.Turn on the Filter

Once you accomplish the shock process, now it’s time to open up the filter of the swimming pool. Additionally, if you own a large pool the chances of algae infestation are high. Now, use the pool clarifier to clean the pool water. It might take time to entirely purify the water from algae. 

    6.Sanitize the Pool area

Besides, proper sanitation is also needed. And, to sanitize the pool area, use proper ecological products. Additionally, after applying it, test the PH and contamination level. Now, your pool is absolutely ready for swimming. 

Pool Cleaning is now Feasible

You can now clean a green pool without taking any professional guidance. But, if required, you can get in touch with We Fix Dubai. Basically, professionals have decades of experience in cleaning the discoloured pools. So, they can help you with cleaning services and to turn the color of the pool easily. 

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