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When summers are knocking the door it’s time to wake up your dormant air conditioner, which was resting during the winter. If you skip necessary checklist-jobs for your indoor and outdoor air conditioner unit, then within days, the AC might fail. Furthermore, everyone ultimately feels the importance of AC maintenance Dubai as it becomes sweltering and heat becomes unbearable. 

So, before you kick-start your journey with the air conditioner, you need to perform several tasks. Otherwise, summer won’t feel as comfortable as it should be. Furthermore, you can save up to a big amount, in case you duly look over the components and peripherals of the air conditioning system.

  • Invest in a New Thermostat

Maintaining a uniform temperature is crucial and that’s what the thermostat decides. If the thermostat becomes outdated or faulty, then you should replace it with a new one. Otherwise, it can disturb the entire air conditioning system. Consequently, it can annoy you with huge electricity bills, as well. If you want to save money, then a programmable thermostat would fit your necessities. Hire AC maintenance Dubai service for affordable changes in your air conditioning systems.

  • Is There any Wear & Tear in the Ductwork?

Any wear and tear in the ductwork can lead to issues, hampering the efficiency of the HVAC system. Examine the exposed ductwork carefully to find out the root problem. In case you discover one or multiples problems, then you should consider repairing the ductwork. Otherwise, it can ruin the cooling efficiency of the system.

  • Inspect the Drainage

When it comes to the air conditioner, there is a cooling coil that can get heated for blowing warm air. It can draw the dust accumulated on the indoor coil. Besides this, it can be a perfect hotbed for algae being extremely humid. Eventually, the drain pipe can get clogged. A clogged pipe can lead to condenser failure. As the AC hasn’t been working for months, it’s better to clean the drain pipe to switch on the system. You can mix a cup of chlorine bleach in a gallon of water. Then, flush the solution through the drain pipe. 

  • Clean or Change Air Filters

Due to exposure to the hot and dusty climate of Dubai, the air filters have to face heaps of dust and debris. If you skip cleaning the air filters, it can degrade the cooling ambient from the air conditioning system. As per experts, you should clean the air filters every three months. Additionally, if you notice that the air filters are not working any more, then replace them with new ones. Avail AC maintenance Dubai service for the best results.

  • Move on to the Coils of the Outdoor Unit

The entire HVAC system is incomplete without the outdoor unit. According to surveys, this outdoor unit remains most underrated among all the AC components. But, you need to take care of this unit, too. If dust, debris and mud start to accumulate on the coils, then the AC can get lethargic. 

To keep the AC active for the entire summer, you have to clean the outdoor coils. Make sure that you clean the AC components only when the system is switched off. For light accumulation of debris, you can spray water with a hose pipe. For the bulk of grimes, consider a commercial washing up liquid.

6. What’s about the Outside Fins?

Air conditioner professionals suggest cleaning the fins for an improved experience with air cooling sustainability. You can grab a toothbrush that has got soft bristles to clean the fins. If you are concerned that the brush can ruin metal fins, then you can opt for dedicated products for similar use.

7. Check the Outdoor Wiring

If the outdoor AC unit doesn’t come up with a covering, then it can lead to unnecessary nuisance. As the outdoor unit is not under regular monitoring there are chances that it can undergo wear and tear. Especially, any tear within the outdoor wiring can lead to short-circuits or more tragic consequences. And, the repairing costs regarding the wiring malfunction can make you worried. Avoid all these circumstances by examining the outdoor AC wiring.

8. Is your Air Conditioner Still Valid?

Hold before you switch on the air conditioning system. The air conditioner might be serving you for years. There are chances that the air conditioner has already reached its peak life expectancy. If this is true for your AC, then you shouldn’t take the risk to turn on the system. Moreover, an outdated air conditioner draws more power and increases electricity bills. You should better contact an AC maintenance Dubai technician to retain your peace of mind. Otherwise, you should replace the air conditioner. 

Switch on the Air Conditioner…

If you have performed every task stated above now, you can turn on the HVAC system. Once the AC starts to blow cool air you should wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. Check if the AC is blowing enough cold air to make the rooms evenly cool. Consider We Fix Dubai to opt for premium AC maintenance Dubai services and enjoy the cold breeze throughout the summer.

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