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Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleanliness is the ultimate necessity to sustain our daily lives. As we all know, germs, bacteria, and viruses are almost everywhere and they can transmit to your house easily from shoes, bags, and other things.  But amidst a busy lifestyle, cleaning often becomes a long thought and more than often, we fail to keep up with it. 

But, we understand the importance and hence, We Fix Dubai, a renowned cleaning company Dubai, takes responsibility for you. Our team of experts carries out the cleaning services with proper steps, products, and modern tools. To give your space the ultimate cleanliness, our experts also provide a quality service that is worth the affordable price. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about getting the next cleaning services Dubai any time soon, as you get to associate with the best cleaning companies in Dubai.


Professional cleaning services ensure a germ-free environment for you

No Extra Repair Expense

Leaving a house uncleaned for a longer period of time forms hard layers of dust, dust mites, and more germs. These layers become hard to get rid of. For instance, dust mites damage the furniture to a point where you have to get a repair or replacement. Getting a cleaning service ensures that you save your money without having to worry about further expenditure.

Retain Peace of Mind

We Fix Dubai, understands that it is stressful to maintain a clean environment all the time. Thus, we make sure to take care of everything. From cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, curtains, sofa to laundry, our experts focus on core cleanliness. Also, we understand that time is important, hence we work efficiently so that you can get back to your work soon enough.

Healthy Life

Cleanliness is often considered a luxury but by all means, it is a basic hygiene necessity to keep our lives healthy. We Fix Dubai, take that responsibility and thus our experts provide a quality cleaning service. Using equipment, high-quality products, diligent scrubbing, mopping, and disinfecting, they make sure at no spots, germs, or bacterias remain.

Looking for Professional Cleaning Services Dubai?

  • We Fix Dubai understands the concept of time-management. Thus, you get on-time services as quickly as possible.

  • Our experts have the right knowledge, skills, experience and are reliable enough to make sure you get the ultimate service.

  • We provide 24×7 assistance from our customer support team. Be it any query, feedback, or suggestion, we’d be there.
  • We offer a variety of cleaning services that cover a wide range. From cleaning bathrooms, floors, glass windows, we cover everything.
  • We also offer a warranty for services that lasts for a longer period of months. Concerning that, we also maintain full transparency.
  • Our cheap cleaning services Dubai charges are at an affordable range so that everyone can benefit from our remarkable cleaning service.

Reach Us Out to Get More Details

If you are looking for a professional level cleaning service then We Fix Dubai can be your ultimate trust. Our professional cleaning team ensures every precaution necessary to assist during the present situation. Your health and security are our first priority.

What Our Customers Have to Say?

“My bathroom was dirty and I couldn’t seem to clean it myself. But professionals from We Fix Dubai did a great job. These experts used their skills and tools to clean the entire floor, wall, sink, toilet bowl, and even the flush counter. I am happy with the service I received and I look forward to more. Thanks, guys!”

-Mira Alam

“When I requested the service, these professionals arrived right on time. They inspected and started with a deep cleaning service. I was surprised to see my house so clean after the service. Well, I totally recommend their service”

-Raiza Sheikh

“My kitchen had become a huge mess with food residues and oil stains. But, We Fix Dubai managed to make a huge difference. My kitchen looks brand new right now and all the credit goes to their service and the professional cleaners. Thanks! I recommended it to my friends too.

-Akbar Ali 

“The professionals were extremely friendly and communicative. They informed me about the mess and how they clean surfaces and other objects using different kinds of tools and products. I am impressed with their service. In the future, I’d like to avail more of their service. “

-Danish Sultan

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to deep cleaning, everything has a time period until when you can clean again. For instance, blankets, mattresses, should be deep cleaned every six months whereas carpets should be deep cleaned every week. Similarly, Windows, Refrigerator, Oven can be deep cleaned every 6 months whereas Microwave, bathtubs, shower curtains, toilet mats, pillows should be cleaned every week or two. 

Cleaning services Dubai is a lengthy process and it often depends on the things that are being cleaned. However, on average, it takes 60 minutes with 4 professionals to clean an area of 1000 square feet. Also, the time taken depends on team management, cleaning procedures, and more. We Fix Dubai experts are well aware of that. 

We Fix Dubai cleaning service checklist consists of cleaning various things in the house. For example, dusting surfaces, furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans, vacuuming carpets., blinds, furniture, picture frames, dusting lamps, mirrors, cabinets, doorknobs, switch plates, fixtures, and much more. Our services checklist also includes cleaning and disinfecting, dishwasher, refrigerator, floor, kitchen tables, countertops, sink, bathroom floors and walls, toilet bowls, and more. 

Housekeepers must be reliable so that one can trust them with cleaning their house properly. They should also be attentive and flexible so that at any time if there is an emergency for cleaning, they don’t hesitate to help clients out.

If you’ve taken service for the first time, then as a token of appreciation or to keep etiquettes, you can tip your house-cleaning service a minimal amount. However, if you frequently take house cleaning service from the same provider then tipping is not necessary. However, it varies from person to person. 

A cleaner will anyway clean your house with essential products and tools. In that case, cleaning before they come is not helpful. However, what is helpful is tidying up before they arrive so they can be at ease while cleaning. For example, keep your toys and goods away or keep your clothes separate. 

Hiring a cleaner is worth the effort and money because a professional cleaner is skilled enough to perform the cleaning process using various mechanisms and tools. Our experts work diligently to achieve excellence in providing the ultimate service. By the end of it, you will be awestruck with the results. 

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