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Dubai is known for its stylish approaches for interior and exterior design. Thus, if you are a resident of Dubai or own an office in Dubai, you can merely overlook the necessity of building with exotic interior design as well as exterior ones.

We Fix Dubai has launched superior services related to house exterior design, interior design Dubai and landscape design services. You can achieve the best-planned design services for your properties. Along with that, you are getting all around the clock attention and support from our advisory interior and exterior designing experts.

Benefits of Interior and Exterior Design Service

Professional design triggers the architectural beauty of your home and commercial sectors.

Visually Appealing

The perfect interior and exterior design can provide you with the aesthetically pleasing view around your personal and professional space. Moreover, a touch of renovation with our incomparable interior and exterior design ideas makes it more appealing. Besides this, they have in-hand experience regarding on-site surveys to produce the final and suitable outcome.

Quality Home Design Projects

While you are thinking of building a new home or renovating your home, avail high-quality house exterior design including the interior one. We take care of every precision and your requirements while working on your dream project. Even, a quality exterior, as well as interior design, can provide a hike in the resale value of your property.

Keep your Space Organized

Vibrant and vivid interior designs don’t come up just by a chance. Hence, only a professional home designer from We Fix Dubai can provide amazing results. Moreover, our professional designers work on pace optimization so everything looks classy and you can access enough free space, as well.

Are you looking for Professional Interior, Exterior, Landscape Design Service?

  • We have a team of qualified and experienced interior designers and architects to carry on the home design services.

  • Every individual undergoes complete verification and is certified to carry out interior, exterior and landscaping service.

  • Get swift and reliable design services. You need not wait for long to get your designs approved for exterior house design.
  • We have equipped our professionals with modern methodologies for conducting on-site surveys so that you get reliable assistance.


  • Our customer support team is available round the clock, so mitigate all your queries with just a call.


  • Get amazing deals on interior design and exterior house design services at an upfront pricing from We Fix Dubai.

Join with the Best Interior Design Company in Dubai

We Fix Dubai can’t overlook the latest interior and exterior trends as well as your safety. That’s why all our design projects are carried out only by veteran designers. Additionally, they take care of your requirements and layout of your house. So, the interior design can suit your personality and the ambience of your house.

What Our Customers Have to Say?

“We Fix Dubai has done a marvellous home-renovation at my place. Besides ingenious designs, they suggested the right chandelier, paintings, and other accessories for the walls. Additionally, the designers are experts in matching and contrasting the colours. I have already recommended their service to my friends.”

– Saeed Galadari

“Got a furnished interior with the right guidance from We Fix Dubai. Moreover, the designers predicted just the perfect space optimization through their designs and blueprints. Really love the final result. Would like to hire them again.”

-Zayed Akhtar

“Really satisfied with the corporate interior design in my corporate sector. The way the experts made the organization of essentials is truly remarkable. Also would like to appreciate them for such a short-notice job.”

-Junaid Ansari

“Just finished the exterior design service from We Fix Dubai. The designers really cooperated with plumbers, painters, and electricians. Kudos to them. And, what I liked most is their responsive customer support, who helped me with my queries. Thanks, We Fix Dubai.”

-Diana Khatun

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, an interior designer provides general consultation over interior design, space optimization, floor planning, ceiling planning, and some sort of civil work. Have a look at We Fix Dubai interior design portfolios and book our interior, exterior, landscape design services.

Generally, it relies on the cost of interior and exterior design. Most interior designers can charge from six to fifteen per cent of the total cost behind the renovation or building work. We Fix Dubai charges minimal for interior and exterior design services.

Our interior designers charge a nominal consultation cost for each consultation visit. Reach them through a call and share your requirements. So that you can get an estimated budget of every exterior and interior design.

An interior designer resembles an architect and doesn’t only work on beautifying the space. The designer decides how you can use a specific area to the fullest along with maintaining the internal decor. On the other hand, an interior decorator furnishes your home or office during a special event. The decorators just decorate and not design the interior and exterior of your house.

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