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Cockroaches are the second most annoying creature for every household owner in Dubai. So, these need to be tackled most wisely. Roaches are the carrier of hazardous diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, and even can cause food poisoning too. Because it makes the entire house filthy and they can live up to a month without even having a single bit of food. This is what makes it harder to drive them away. And the roaches keep roaming around your spreading harmful disease. 

So, keep your family members and employees away from these cockroaches using simple hacks. So, read to know more about the expert tips, how you can win against the cockroach residing in your home. 

Easy Tips to Follow

To keep the cockroaches away from your house, it is quite essential to keep your house pristine. Because a grimy house attracts the roaches. Besides, they eat almost anything and everything. 

So, regular deep cleaning and disinfecting are necessary to eliminate the roaches. Additionally, implement the proper cleaning products to immaculate inaccessible areas. Because the hard-to-reach areas can be the breeding ground for the cockroaches. 

  • Use Borax

With the help of the borax, you can keep away the cockroaches. And, as we all know, sugar attracts the roaches and other insects more. And, once they will consume the borax, it will damage their digestive system. As a result, there will be fewer roaches in your house. Moreover, keep it away from the kids and pets. 

  • Reassemble the Furniture

To eradicate the roaches, it becomes essential to shuffle the furniture in your house. And, for that, you have to reassemble the essential home items like refrigerators, sofas, chairs, and other appliances. 

Also, change the place of the kitchen appliances to keep an eye on the cockroaches. Because these insects keep on changing their places. So, you have to be aware of it. Additionally, in the kitchen areas, sprinkle a layer of borax before replacing its places. 

  • Keep the surface dry

Whenever you clean your house, try to keep it dry. Additionally, check for the water leakages in the plumbing systems. Because the roaches can get into the pipe leakages easily and such places can be their storehouse.

So, prevent the water leakages and get hold of the professionals for appropriate plumbing services. Moreover, also check for leakages in and around the home appliances like washing machines or water heaters.

  • Wash the Dishes Daily

To eradicate the cockroach problems, it is necessary to clean the dishes every day. Because, if there is any leftover on the dishes, cockroaches will eventually come to such places. And, food attracts the cockroaches the most. So, it is suggested to mix some borax powder with the dishwasher. This trick will be absolutely helpful. But, be cleaning the dishes thoroughly so that no amount of borax residues remains. Another way round, you can avail a deep cleaning service for a quick cure.

  • Keep the Trash Cans and Containers Clean

Insects like roaches always look for water and food resources which are easy to find. And, trash cans are one of the resources, where roaches are mostly found. So, make sure, you clean the trash bin daily and remove all the leftovers. Basically, deep cleaning is required to prevent disease spreading insects from entering your house.

  • Use Preventive Tools

With the help of effective tools like liquid concentrates, boric acid, baits, and other insect kill sprays, you can easily overcome the roach problems. And, you just need to place these tools in the right place, where the roaches frequently visit, such as underneath the sinks, kitchen cabinets, and in the bathroom areas. Besides, put the chemical baits near the garbage cans, too. 

  • Seal the Cracks 

It is crucial to identify the entrance point of the roaches in order to get rid of them. And, in most of the cases, these insects get easily across to your house by crawling through the cracks of the doors. So, avail professional help to fix these cracks. Additionally, they will clearly inspect, if there are any holes around the vents, roof, home appliances, and underneath the plumbing lines. 

Make your House Clutter-Free

One of the best ways of roach control is to clear all the mess of your house. And, try to keep your house tip-top, so that cockroaches can’t get a place to hide during the day time. Additionally, daily rinse and wipe the entire house with proper equipment to get a roach-free surrounding.

But, if you fail, take help from the professional. Get a deep cleaning service from We Fix Dubai to make your house environment inhospitable for the cockroaches. 

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