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An air conditioning system is the most valued and important appliance for the natives of Dubai. Moreover, it becomes difficult during the summer days to sustain without an AC. Thus, most of the high rise apartments, villas, office buildings, and residential pacers have installed an air conditioning system to beat the unbearable heat. 

However, in the long run, certain problems can arise in the AC, owing to its high demand and workload, it might stop functioning. Now, there are several reasons that can get triggered in the air conditioning system. And, this includes refrigerant issues, frozen evaporator coils, dirty condenser coils, fan problems, leaking ducts, thermostat problems, and clogged drains. 

Let’s check the 7 most prominent and recurrence events that can lead to either poor performance of AC. Or, these underlying causes can eventually lead to a non-working AC.

7 Reasons Why the AC Stopped Working

There are some common causes that can be encountered, irrespective of the brand, or model of the AC. Additionally, due to lack of servicing and maintenance, the performance of the AC will decline. So, we would suggest you opt for the AC maintenance and servicing agencies in Dubai to enhance its functionality. 

But, first, let’s take a look at the root cause that reduces the AC’s performance.

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Faulty Refrigerant 

Refrigerant is one of the most important parts of an air conditioning system that helps to eliminate the indoor heat and humid air from your house or office. And, due to its leakage or issues in the refrigerant line can generate. Thus, the AC won’t be able to generate sufficient cool air. Get hold of the AC repair Dubai professionals to fix the multiple leaks in the refrigerant.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils help to absorb the warm indoor air. And, these coils require efficient air circulation to work properly. When the airflow stops circulating, the evaporator coil gets frozen and as a result, a layer of ice builds up on the outside. And, when such things occur, the immediate intervention of an AC technician is required to overcome the frozen evaporator coil issues. 

Dirty Condenser Coils

With the help of the condenser coils, you get to remove the warm air by just expelling it outside your house. And, if the condenser coil is filled with dirt, dust, and other grime, it will refuse to respond. Thus, you need to clean the condenser coils and remove the build-ups to avoid major breakdowns in the Air conditioning system. Furthermore, a dirty AC can also invite health hazards, so immediate action can prevent other subsequent problems.

Fan Problems

In every type of AC, there are two fans. One just carries the indoor air through the units of the evaporator coil to cool it down. And the other one, takes out the air, through the outdoor units of the condenser and discharges the warm air outside the house. And, if one of these two stops moving, you won’t be able to get cool air inside your rooms.

Additionally, there are several causes for which fan problems might arise. Due to damaged motors, lack of lubrication, worn belts, and for dirt and debris. Thus, you will get contaminated airflow from the AC. And, if you ignore the fan problems for a long time, it might lead to compressor failure as well. 

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Leaked Ducts

The leaked ducts are one of the most common issues that can occur in an air conditioning system. And, because of the holes and breaks in the ducts, the AC will try to consume more energy to cool down the indoor air. As a result, you will end up having to spend more on electric bills. So, it is always recommended to hire professionals for AC maintenance and repair. This will help to get rid of leaked ducts issues. 

Thermostat Problems

For improper installation of an AC, the thermostat can state making sinuses. An,d minor thermostat problems can be troublesome at times. As a result, the performance of the air conditioning system will reduce and you won’t get required cool air because of the malfunctioned HVAC system. Additionally, because of the dead batteries or blown fuse, thermostat issues can be triggered now and then. Get in touch with the leading AC maintenance and servicing exerts to fix all the problems of your AC.

Fixing the AC Problems Gets Easier

With the emergence of the need for a service provider, who can help you to fix the appliance, several companies have come up with explicit plans. Now, you need to choose the best among them. Well, We Fix Dubai is one of the recognised and promising companies in Dubai. 

And, they are widely known for providing customers oriented prompt AC repair Dubai and servicing. For any kind of problem, you can rely on proficient professionals. You just need to mention the type of the AC and the issue will get sorted within the least possible time.

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