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Smart Solutions Service in Dubai

Technologies are getting smarter; now hardly any electronic gadget or system requires human support. Additionally, you can add in more trusted and accurate gadgets to your home, office, warehouse, restaurants, shopping malls rather than employing individuals to do your work. You can totally rely upon smart solutions service as you will get digital access to your physical world.

Apart from securing your properties, you can make your home automated. You can even install elevators or lifts at your commercial places. But, to accomplish all these you need proficient help. This is where We Fix Dubai proudly announces smart solutions services for both residential and commercial premises for a smart solution and a secured future.

Benefits of Smart Solutions Service

Smart solutions enhance your comfort and security measures to a great extent, both at your home and office.

Security, Pumped up

Home automation, CCTV installation and repair, and access barrier systems are great for increasing your safety. However, home automation system alarms you in case of a fire or burglary with its motion detectors and smoke detecting sensors. Additionally, CCTV cameras restrict the chances of crime around your property and prohibit trespassing, too.

Control Remains in your Hand

You can keep an eye over your properties through home automation and CCTV installation. All the connected devices with the smart systems continuously send you notifications. Know what’s happening inside your home, factory or office with smart systems whenever you are not present there. We Fix Dubai’s experienced technicians help you get access to every device with a click.


Smart devices are called smart for their intuition and AI-infused technology. Their main objective is to make things really convenient for you. Whether it be an elevator/ lift maintenance or home automation, you can achieve tremendous ease while accessing them. Even if you are not present around them, but you can use them, through remote access, at your convenience.

Are you Looking for a Smart Solutions Service?

  • You get to introduce elevators, home automation, CCTV cameras, or access barrier systems at your place, with ease.
  • Our team has got certified, vetted, and experienced technicians to install and repair your smart systems. 
  • They are equipped with the latest tools and machinery. So, you can surely expect a much faster response and prompt availability of such services.
  • Our professionals have got expertise in installing biometrics, access card readers, and other access systems, irrespective of brands.
  • Moreover, you gain premium service at an affordable range and also get access to customize your own service deal.
  • Besides this, you can get 24/7 consistent customer support from our support executives. So, clear all doubts without hesitation.

Smart Solution Services from We Fix Dubai

Home Automation

Home automation systems allow you to remotely connect to your home when you are far away from your house. You can regulate the power consumption of your home, lock and unlock doors, keep an eye over safety measures while you are accessing connected devices with infused IoT technology.

Elevator/Lift Maintenance

Elevators or lifts reduce the effort and energy spent on rising the stairs. Get elevators installed at your commercial or residential premises with our high-tech tools and technology. Moreover, you can avail a yearly contract of elevator/lift maintenance to deal with unavoidable circumstances.


CCTVs are one of the easiest ways to look after your properties; whether it be your residence or office or warehouse. Meanwhile, CCTV installation can help you to measure the performance among your employees. Additionally, they feel safer. Avail CCTV installation and any kind of repair service from We Fix Dubai.

Access Barriers

Do you want to prohibit unauthorized trespassing without posting a security guard? Then, access barriers can serve the same purpose. Place biometric systems, magnetic polls, toll plaza, and access card reading systems with the help of our technicians. Besides installation, you will get prompt repair service to such access barriers.

Get in Touch with Smart Solutions Service Experts

Smart gadgets need smart installation and handling. That’s why you should rely upon a professional when it comes to smart solutions installation and repair. Our experts are available for home automation, elevators, CCTV, and access barriers management.

What Our Customers Have to Say?

“Installed elevators at my shopping mall from sincere support from We Fix Dubai. Technicians were punctual and experienced enough to finish the job promptly and securely, as well. Overall, each and every service is worth the money spent, from We Fix Dubai.” 

-Abdullah Rahman

“Technicians from We Fix Dubai did a wonderful CCTV installation at my warehouse. Moreover, completely satisfied with their on-time assistance and dedication. Would definitely recommend their services to all.”

-Javed Khan

“Have installed an access card reader for my apartment. The service was stress-free as I didn’t have to interfere with the professionals. Besides, I have already booked them for an annual maintenance service. Like to hire smart solutions services again from We Fix Dubai.”

-Hafiz Ahmad

“Got the smart home system repaired at my Dubai villa. The smoke and fire detectors weren’t working for days. The experts fixed the issue readily and made the connections stable with other devices. Recommendable service from We Fix Dubai.”

-Anisur Quereshi

Frequently Asked Questions

An ordinary house needs sensors, detectors, smart bulbs, CCTV cameras, speakers and more components to turn into a smart house. Moreover, you need perfect planning and assessment before you step forward to a smart house venture. Thus, avail experts’ advice from We Fix Dubai to install a smart house system and make the investment right.

A smart home makes every smart appliance connected to each other. You can control those connected devices remotely by using the internet. Moreover, you can monitor single activity inside your home through compatible mobile apps. Smart home service is a brilliant outcome of IoT technology.

There are certain challenges and disadvantages of smart homes. First of all, setting up an entire smart home might be costlier than you think. Additionally, you can face difficulty and wastage of time if you are not that tech-savvy. You can’t control anything if the service encounters a synchronization failure. Otherwise, smart homes can enhance your security and make things easier. Avail smart solutions service from We Fix Dubai.

Any smart home system that comes with activated voice control and remote controlling technology is great for every home. But the dimension of your house determines how many components are needed to be installed. Get an on-site survey from We Fix Dubai to know which smart home system would suit your home the best.

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