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The current situation of the entire world is now accustomed to the new normal. The Coronavirus outbreak has shocked the entire world by spreading at a very fast rate among people. That being said, Governments have been taking strict actions to limit the spread. Meanwhile, health line workers are doing their best to keep themselves safe while treating affected patients. However, the one thing that has become the most important part of the new normal is social distancing. 

The concept of social distancing has not been well adopted by many regions. This is because social distancing is useful when you’re routined to work from home and do grocery shopping only when it’s an absolute necessity. 

But this is where it becomes a problem. There are certain instances when you are bound to take services from the outside- for example, cleaning service, nanny services, and others. This is where the question arises that should you or should you not allow these services to be a part of your daily life? 

When you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to remember that there is no policy rule or hell-bent restriction against it. However, when it comes to Healthline workers, let’s see what their opinions are.

So Should You Cancel any Cleaning Services?

When it comes to cleaning service, it is not really the worst idea to cancel the service. In fact, a physician from Akron who studied infection disease from Ohio, Richar Watkins suggests that he would not have anyone come to his house during this time. He is also renowned as an associate professor at Northeast Ohio Medical University. 

That being said, he also added that the virus symptoms may vary from one another. For instance, the symptoms may be visible in one person meanwhile another person may show mild to no symptoms. However, both these types of people still contain the virus within themselves and are very much capable of spreading the virus to another unaffected person easily. 

Rutgers University of School of Nursing’s clinical associate, Alina M Holmes, suggests that it is a wise decision to not have anyone come to the house. However, she also suggests that people like immediate family relatives can definitely come to your house. Along with that, she also claims that Cleaning services are essentials in a way because they help you with cleaning. 

But if it could be avoided, then it should be avoided. This is because the service is taken care of by the cleaner, so you’ve exposed to the cleaner and vice versa. There is a high chance that you can get affected or the cleaner can get affected. So, instead, it is wise to do the cleaning yourself instead of Cleaning service. But, in case your plan fails then you can rely on reputable service providers who are striving to keep you safe and your surroundings clean.

What About a Dog Walker?

When it comes to a dog walker, the idea still remains the same because a dog walker is still a person who’s venturing in your proximity. Dr. Watkins suggests that Dog owners should walk their dogs by themselves and not by the dog walker. However, you may have considered that you can let your dog be out with the dog walker and later get them back so that there is no contact. 

But, the chances still remain even if negligible. He also suggests that your dog will be on a leash and their fur can easily carry the virus. That would mean you’d have to bathe them each time then go out and that is not wise for their health as well. So, it is harmful to get your dog exposed because it poses a risk to you and your family. 

What about Nanny Services?

Now, allowing nanny services in your house is a tricky matter. This is because if you are parenting while working from home and going out to work, you have a great deal of responsibility in your hand. However, if the situation is only about to work from home, then it is a good option to skip the nanny if possible. 

However, Watkins also suggests that if the nanny is a resident in your own house, then it is of no problem. The problem only arises when nannies come from outside every day. This is also a great risk even if they are doing their level best to maintain proper social distancing. Holmes on the other side suggests that you can not be fully aware of their whereabouts if they come and go. Thus, for such nannies, skipping them would be a viable option. 

However, some may disagree because having someone come over may be an absolute necessity out of dire need. For such instances, Holmes mentions that proper use of cleaning hands is a must. Washing hands with antivirus components in handwashing materials, reaching out to all the spots of skin is important. Also doing it for at least 20 seconds is helpful. The people who venture into your house have to follow this process every time they come in. That being said, being aware of maintaining social distance within the house, practising good hygiene and alertness is important. 

However, bear this in mind that any of these people entering your house shows signs of sneezing, coughing, or more, should be told to not come in until they are well. It is important to let them know in a positive way so that they are not feeling discouraging.  


On the other hand, when put a stop to these outside services, the employees get a pause in their payment. This is also a factor of consideration because they are working out of their ways of comfort to make a living. However, if you are working and have a sustainable financial situation, you can work out a plan to pay them. Or else, you can simply choose an alternative that is helpful for both you and the service workers. 


The outbreak of Coronavirus has struck millions of people globally and it still continues to spread throughout. Continue social distancing and using protective gear with proper cleaning afterwards. Furthermore, there are certain service providers who are taking all the measures to keep their clients and the employees safe amid the virus. We Fix Dubai being one of them, is a promising name in the service industry who has been a trustworthy help even in this crucial situation. Now, the decision lies in your hand, choose the option that is in the best interest.

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